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UX Café | Let’s make things better

UX Café is 1

So we run this thing. It’s a bi-monthly meetup for startups, designers and product folk in London, held at Google Campus. Our core purpose is to…

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UX Brighton 2012

Guest post by Carlos Saba, Spook Studio A fascinating and mind expanding day, this year???s UX Brighton was a popular affair with at least 300 attendees. From the physical to the cerebral, it was an all encompassing UX fest with a touch of Lean and …

How to create addictive products

via nirandfar.com Not sure if I’ve posted this before but it’s worth checking out as we’ve been using many of the principles in a lot of our work at Spook Studio for a while now. Nir Eyal is a ‘behavioural engineer’ (er, yup) and his blog is a gre…


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