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‘Hit and hope’ or niche?

A response to a post on OpenCoffee London: “Just curious when startups go to market do they follow the ‘build a beach head’ approach and target a niche OR hit and hope, and why?’ I’m amazed that anyone would take the ‘hit and hope’ approach, parti…

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Marketing sucks, product rules

This is a response to a post on the London OpenCoffee mailing list ‘Marketing an internet product… what are the methods?’ Rather than build an average product and throw your money at marketing it, why not focus your marketing spend on the produc…

Marketing in a Lean Startup

via getthefive.com Marketers like getting lost in data. However, lean start-up marketers cannot afford ???analysis paralysis.??? They need to move, and move fast. Every time you need to deploy BML – speed is of the essence. Your main goal is to not on…


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