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Chill the fUX out. Lean is here to stay

I’m not one for controversial posts but this has been bugging me for a while.Thanks to The Lean Startup movement the business community has finally embraced what many user experience design professionals have known for years ??? that it’s importan…

9 Principles of Lean UX

via luxr.co 1 Design + Product Management + Development = 1 team 2 Externalize! 3 Goal-driven & outcome-focused 4 Repeatable & routinized 5 FLOW: think -> make -> check 6 Focus on solving the right problem 7 Generate many options & decide quickly …

UX for Lean Startups London

via slideshare.net We attended the recent Luxr workshop in London with Janice Fraser (one of the founders of Adaptive Path). A really useful day and some great hands-on exercises. Here’s the slides from the day. Luxr (the Lean User Experience Resi…


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