Learn how to create products that people love



Startups are hard. Doing it on your own is harder.

At my company Spook Studio, we help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into happy, profitable digital businesses – from lightbulb to launch.

  • Build the right product
    No–one can guarantee success but we can dramatically reduce the risk from your project and help your budget go further than you thought.
  • Better by design
    We place customers at the heart of the process – allowing us to create products that people just love using again and again.
  • Get to market faster
    We’ve been doing this since the interweb was a screaming toddler and have learned a bit on the way. Our unique process means we can get products to market in 12 weeks.

We’re no newbies

We’ve been creating digital goodness since 2004. Things have changed just a little since then. Technology is disrupting industries the world over and quicker than we could have imagined. We’re at the forefront of this new era of entrepreneurial practice – the sweet spot where business, design & technology meet.

We love solving real world problems with passionate founders across the globe. Our unique process is geared towards reducing risk and making your bucks go further than you thought. Some products we’ve played a big part in include Objective Manager, Family Bhive, Strumm and NovoLawyer. We’re also behind a number of initiatives within the UK startup community including UX Café, The Happy Startup School and Lean Startup Brighton.

If you need help getting your idea off the ground, or have a product but it needs a little TLC, get in touch via our site at Spook Studio. Or email laurence at spook studio dot com. I offer a free 20 minute Skype call to talk through your project in more detail so don’t be afraid to get in touch – I’d love to hear your story.

“Spook itself has an entrepreneurial spirit and the team guides you through the whole journey – from workshop to real, working product. They are a business partner and understand the mindset of a startup founder.” Lloyd Pearson, Novo Lawyer

“It was clear which agency we were going to choose, the one that challenged us. Spook  seemed more concerned with the business and how it was going to develop than with  telling us that they could do all of the work. We haven’t looked back since.”   Andreas Homeyer, Strumm

“The team at Spook Studio have really helped shaped the product and been a great sounding board for ideas . Our customers love the elegant simplicity of the product.” Ray Oldfield, Objective Manager

If you want to know what we believe in check out our handbook.


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