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Love this post from Delighted so thought I’d share it here.

“Values are timeless. They are the bedrock of a company and don’t change even when everything else does.”

I wish more startups realised this. Too many are hiring the wrong people, building the wrong products and looking for customers in the wrong places.

I covered similar ground a while back.

The same folk also wrote Play your own game

“A company needn’t model its behavior on what other companies do, because it doesn’t have to attract the same customers or value the same things. It isn’t as simple as declaring an enemy and beating them…… We don’t particularly care what others choose to do, because we know the game we are playing – and we quite enjoy it.”

I discovered Delighted via this email from the Foundation.

Picture 9

Looks like it will an interesting product as it’s focused on customer happiness. Have you noticed they’ve used the Net Promoter Score to help measure this?

Definitely one to watch.

And of the same mindset as The Happy Startup School.

That is control the things that are in your control:

  • your purpose
  • your values
  • the people you work with
  • the product or services you build
  • the customers you attract
  • the culture you create.

The rest will take care of itself.

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