Learn how to create products that people love

Learn how to create a product that customers love


I’ve partnered with the good people at Creative Huddle to create my first online course.

In Lightbulb to Launch you’ll learn how to take an idea from eureka moment to a fully working product or business.

In a series of 7 easy-to-follow lessons, I’ll show you how you can break down your ideas into actionable steps and engage customers throughout, with a view to creating a product that they’ll love. This course is based on tried and tested principles and techniques we’ve used on real life projects over the last 10+ years.


This course will help you to:

  • Stop dreaming and start doing
  • Build a great foundation for your business
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Create a focus and avoid distractions
  • Craft a killer value proposition
  • Define your minimum viable product

If you get in there quick you’ll get a 20% discount if you enter the code earlybird20.

So if you’ve got a great idea that you’d like to see made real, join me for this course and learn how to take your idea from lightbulb to launch.

It’s time to stop dreaming, start doing.

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