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The story of Artefact Cards told at UX Café [video]

John Willshire is the founder and creator of Smithery, a marketing and innovation studio based in London. John’s talk at our recent UX Café event at Google Campus in London, told the fascinating story behind creating Artefact cards, a product for documenting and sharing ideas. I first became aware of John at Do Lectures back in April, although we’d be using the cards before then for client workshops and internal brainstorming. And I was delighted to see some cards in our goodie bag on arrival 🙂

I love the guiding principle behind them:

Picture 2

You can watch his talk below. The cards themselves make for great slides.

We’ll be adding more talks from the event over the coming weeks. Sign up to hear about upcoming events at www.meetup.com/uxcafe/ and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as new videos go online. Massive thanks to George and the team at Think Tall Films for their awesome coverage of the event. They did a sterling job as you’ll see. Enjoy

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