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No, really please. Read on…

I just discovered Help Me Write – a neat little site from Stef, Jon and the gang at Makeshift, a product design studio that builds ‘micro’ startup experiments (with a view to pursuing the successful ones I assume). All the products they make ‘give a leg up to the little guy’ and this sure does that (a great example of the importance of a clear purpose for startups).

The site itself does exactly what it says on the tin. It helps you decide what to write next based on votes from your followers (and anyone else that discovers your page). If we’re talking this for that, it’s kickstarter for blog posts (without the funding, yet…).

The thing I like about it (apart from the crowdsourced blog topics which shares the load of what to write next), is that you get to discover other people in the network and find out about other interesting blog posts (that may not otherwise have seen the light of day) before they’re written.

Simple but awesome. Nice work chaps.

Before you go, I’d love it if you headed over to my page and vote for what you’d like me to write next. Thank you kindly 🙂
As I write this ‘Why happiness should be your business model’ is the frontrunner for next post’ (not to skew your votes!).

Stop press: I now realise the irony in writing a post about what I should write next…

If you need help turning your startup idea into a successful web product, visit www.spookstudio.com or contact me via Twitter @welovelean. I offer a free 20 minute sanity check for startup founders to share and discuss their ideas in confidence via Skype.

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