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Some awesome startup workshop videos available (thanks Google Ventures!)

Brilliant news that Google are making their Startup Lab videos available to the public this week. Startup labs are a series of workshops Google offer to employees of their 160+ company portfolio, designed around the ethos of meeting, learning and sharing.

It’s a great initiative from Google; offering their people’s expertise to help startups grow. Rick Klaut (one of the key minds behind the workshops) says that the purpose behind the talks are to help people do better in their jobs today, tomorrow and in the weeks and months to come, and not just people in their network either, they’re now sharing Startup Labs with the world so we can all learn best practice techniques.

Here are the first three talks added.

Workshop 1: A/B testing done right

Dan Siroker (CEO Optimizely) used to work as a product manager for Google before he switched job roles to become the director of analytics for the Obama campaign. In this video he shares the lessons he learned in A/B testing for the campaign, and covers some brilliant tips and techniques he’s adopted since working with over 3,000 clients for Optimizely.

Workshop 2: Meetings that don’t suck

It’s been recognised that meetings can often prevent teams from (big or small) from execution. In this video, Ken Norton, Product Manager for Google covers how to get the best out of meetings, what makes them work and doesn’t work all with the aid of his nifty flow chart.

Workshop 3: Cohort analysis

For this workshop, Google engineer Brett Slatkin demos a product he’s built, Cohort Visualizer, a tool to simplify cohort analysis. He talks everyone through the ways of analysing the differences and similarities between long time customers and new users, to help move products forward.

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