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66 Tweet-able lean startup quotes

Startups are not smaller versions of large companies and so therefore need a new approach.

Innovation requires a new approach. Traditional approaches to business don’t work for innovative products.

Lean Startup is geared towards reducing waste and creating real value.

Why use the lean approach? “Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.” Ash Maurya

Lean allows you to maximise your efforts for learning, speed and focus.

You can read a beginner’s guide to lean here: spookstud.io/GWIIdI

The perfect startup balances passion with the bottom line: spookstud.io/TN3YHQ

Lean is about being an athelete, not a skeleton.

By trying to secure investment too early you’re losing focus from what’s important (creating happy customers)

Design is a competitive advantage. Bring on a designer from day one & the best you can afford: spookstud.io/Qn0D4X

Lean doesn’t work so well where there’s egos, politics, fixed solutions in mind & lack of collaboration.

Lean UX in action (this video explains it better than any article): spookstud.io/QOrowu

Some great tools to get you started &rquo; 15 essential tools a lean startup can’t live without: spookstud.io/zG3lOV

Our motto for any lean startup: “Think big, start small, learn fast”

Have a clear vision, but be flexible on detail. Know where you’re going but be open to how you get there.

Don’t lose sight of your vision, even if you pivot.

At least 2/3 of our ideas are never going to work. Kill your ideas before you build them.

How do you come up with an idea? Find a real problem worth solving.
There’s plenty out there.

Ideas on their own are worthless. The longer you leave it before telling people, the more precious it will become.

Companies execute business models, startups are searching for one.

Your startup is temporary until you get product-market fit and significant traction.

Explore your business model by using the business model canvas (or variations of it)

Create multiple business models for different segments, go for the customers that feel the most pain…unless they’re the hardest (or most expensive) to access!

Customers don’t care about your solution, they care about their problems.” Dave McClure, 500 Startups

When doing custdev ‘double down’ on the strongest signals you get. When people sit up and take notice, listen.

Treat your business model as a work in progress, a series of guesses.

Don’t take a ‘hit and hope’ approach to getting customers: spookstud.io/Q7RtF2

“I don’t care how smart you are. Every design solution you put out there is a hypothesis.” Jeff Gothelf

You can bet that your business model won’t survive first contact with customers.

Get out of the building & start validating your ideas & assumptions. Here’s a useful tool: spookstud.io/PxlRg7

When building your startup don’t guess, learn.

“Most of our meetings are a big guessathon. Don’t guess. Learn.” Tom Chi, Google.

Talking to customers early and often means you you discover the bad news earlier.

Focus on customer value when developing your startup. Craft a killer value proposition for each customer segment.

“Almost every client I’ve ever worked for seeking greater market share has had no clear value proposition.” Leisa Reichelt

Some techniques for crafting a value proposition: spookstud.io/P5a5o1

Try out the Value Proposition Canvas: spookstud.io/WaDVyI

What’s the minimum amount of features you can build that address your customer’s problems?

Fake it before you bake it. Create a low-fi or ‘concierge’ MVP. Do it manually then automate with tech.

Have you built the right thing? Does your solution solve the customer’s problem?

Make sure you’re building the right product BEFORE the perfect one: spookstud.io/SxPNDO

Make your MVP minimum AWESOME not awful

It’s possible to get an awesome MVP to market in 12weeks. Here’s how we do it http://spookstud.io/NeXlym

Don’t launch too soon (or too late): spookstud.io/PoWHeB

“Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” Mark Cook, Kodak.

Focus your budget on the product, NOT marketing: spookstud.io/QHFZdi

“Design IS experience. Too many startups just don’t get design.” Marty Cagan

Here’s 10 common (UX) mistakes we’ve seen startups make … and how to avoid them: spookstud.io/P8RqaT

Ever been shouted at by an unfriendly website forum? If so you know what we mean 😉

What’s your product’s hook? In this hyper busy world, you need one: spookstud.io/TodtwX

How to test your startup idea for
$50: spookstud.io/Ol4qsJ

Explore your desire engine to make your product addictive & get your users hooked: spookstud.io/Tzc2vF

Lots of people believe Apple as the antithesis of lean but even they had an MVP: spookstud.io/Odelnv

And by the way startups, this is how design works: spookstud.io/TNxU6E

When launching your #leanstartup, measure everything. Evidence-based decision making = more facts, less intuition.

Focus on actionable (not vanity) metrics.

“Vanity metrics make you feel good, but they don’t offer clear guidance on what to do.” Eric Ries

The web is your lab, keep measuring and testing.

Keep iterating and improving. Don’t stand still. Most startups takes 5 or 6 iterations to get their product right.

“It’s not iterative if you only do it once.” Stuart Eccles

Even Obama iterated in his election campaign &rquo; 5 Ways The Obama Campaign Was Run Like A Lean Startup: spookstud.io/TM2gGE

Don’t get bogged down in too many metrics. Focus on the one metric that matters.

Scaling isn’t just about technology it’s also about support and service.

Once you start to scale (and even before), introduce some design principles to help you make quicker and better decisions.

DON’T be a feature pusher! Focus on optimising not new features.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing your new customers by focusing too much on demands from your early users.

If you need help turning your startup idea into a successful web product, visit www.spookstudio.com or contact me via Twitter @welovelean. I offer a free 20 minute sanity check for startup founders to share and discuss their ideas in confidence via Skype.


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