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Lean Startup Q+A via Twitter


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Thought you may like to know that it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week on the 12th-16th November 2012 and we at Spook Studio are taking part.

Before we chat about our Lean Startup Q + A Twittinar (a Twitter-seminar – see what we did there?), here’s a brief summary of this year’s GEW theme ‘Pass it on’.

‘Pass It On’ encourages seasoned entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and give practical help to those considering taking the plunge into the world of startups, as well as guidance to fledgling businesses in those all-important early stages.

The main focus of the week is:

  • To encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to finally start their business and make their ideas reality.
  • To improve entrepreneurship skills for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.
  • To help people access practical support they may need to start up their own business locally, regionally or nationally.

Lightbulbs are flickering, this is Spook Studio’s forté.

Spook who?

For those who don’t know us, we’re a product innovation studio by the sea. We help entrepreneurs and early stage startups turn their ideas into products that people love. Our unique process allows us to design great products faster with a focus on reducing risk and increasing return on investment.

On Thursday 15th November 2012 from 4-5pm we’d like to invite fellow entrepreneurs whether you’re lean experts or just curious,  to join us for our very first Lean Startup Q+A via Twitter.

The Twittinar

A chance for you to fire questions at us and receive an instant response via Twitter. Whether you’re just at the idea stage, or a fully fledged startup this will be an informative and accessible discussion wherever you are. The Twittinar will have a lean startup slant but won’t exclude people that aren’t lean lovers, we welcome you all.

What can we help with?

  • Discovering who your customers really are
  • Identifying their needs and/or problems
  • Defining a value proposition ie. what will your solution do for me?
  • Potential pricing models and revenue streams
  • How to explore and validate your business model
  • Useful resources to help you move forward quicker
  • What is lean startup and why should I care?

The lowdown

We’ll all be using the hashtag #spookgew to follow discussions. Subscribers to this blog will receive a summary mail out so you won’t miss thing.

Follow @welovelean for more details and on the day and be sure to put the date in your diary Thursday 15th November 2012 from 4-5pm.

If you’re interested in taking part just email fiona@spookstudio.com or tweet @welovelean and spread the word to fellow startups and entrepreneurs!

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