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Letting developers write copy

Ever felt stupid when trying to perform a task on a website?

Ever felt like you’re being shouted at by some unfriendly, red error message on a form? Too often the small bits of copy on a website are neglected and left to developers to write. It seems amazing that such important interactions with a customer can be left to people not known for their people skills (okay, a massive generalisation, but you get my point).

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 13.50.27

Microcopy can add a friendly tone to interactions

Take control of your microcopy, defined by designer Joshua Porter as:

“small yet powerful copy. It’s fast, light, and deadly. It’s a short sentence, a phrase, a few words. A single word. It’s the small copy that has the biggest impact. Don’t judge it on its size … judge it on its effectiveness.”

You can really create a connection with your audience by putting some thought into the smallest details. Carefully craft your copy across the customer journey (from Google search to website and email) to ensure a consistent tone of voice and extend your customer service to each and every touch point. Often adding some informality (and even humour when appropriate) can turn prospects into customers.

This is an excerpt from my .net article ‘10 UX mistakes startups make (and how to avoid them)

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