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The startup prioritizer – it’s time to decide what’s most important for your startup


There’s only so much resource available to any startup, so decide what matters

What’s most important for your startup?

“Maximise your efforts for learning, speed and focus.” Ash Maurya 

We’ve seen projects hit a roadblock because of conflicting priorities, but it needn’t be that way. If you’re clear about these upfront then your team or a supplier can suggest the best approach to make the project run as smooth as possible.

  • Risk – are you keen to eliminate the unknowns? In which case your focus should be learning not doing.
  • Cost – are funds low? Then you need to be realistic about what you can achieve. Limit features, accept it won’t be perfect, but use lean techniques to make it go further.
  • Speed – do you need to launch in 6 weeks? That’s cool but accept that your product will be buggy as hell, you’ll have to limit scope, and design will take a backseat. You’ll start learning early though which can be invaluable.
  • Scope – do you want to include lots of features in your first release? If so bear in mind costs and timescales will creep up as you’ll find it hard to focus on what’s important (and have a clear value proposition).
  • Perfection – do you want to be the next Steve Jobs and create the perfect product before it’s released? Prepare yourself for a hard road ahead – delayed launches, sky high costs and the risk of new players coming into the market. Adding the final 20% of polish to a product can take as much time as the first 80%. Balance creating the perfect product with the right one.

Create your own chart here

If you need help turning your startup idea into a successful web product, visit www.spookstudio.com or contact me via Twitter @welovelean. I offer a free 20 minute sanity check for startup founders to share and discuss their ideas in confidence via Skype.

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