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Jumblr week 2: the fun (or failure) starts here


So after last week’s epic write up of our latest (micro)startup adventure I’ve been a busy little bee this week. Whilst not making the progress we’d hoped for (blame running a business, the Olympics and bad backs – long boring story) we’ve got some news to report.

First of all our first landing page is live at www.jumblr.co.uk. Cue mass high fives and lots of whooping (ok, not really, we’re Brits after all). Feel free to have a look but bear in mind:

  1. You’ll skew our stats (like you care)
  2. If you sign up I’m going to assume that you live in Brighton & Hove and have kids 🙂

As you may remember, we decided to focus our initial business model around parents in the town we live. We had to start somewhere and this segment seemed like a sensible bet bearing in mind the amount of stuff you accumulate (and quickly want to get rid of) as little people arrive.

We focused our first landing page on the hassle-free process of selling items on the platform (versus the often laborious process of posting to ebay or Gumtree). As the weeks go by we’ll explore lots of different landing pages to see if there’s any effect on sign ups. At this stage we’re not worried about A/B testing as we don’t even know if there’s a problem-solution fit here. Before optimising we want to know we’re on semi-solid ground.

So no sooner had we got the landing page live than we had to tell people about it (more about landing page MVPs here). But not just anyone, we wanted metrics that told us something, not just sign-ups to boost our vanity. However we’d already had a couple of sign-ups before we’d even told anyone the URL. I’m guessing some of you wise old owls Googled Jumblr and couldn’t wait to part with their email address. You guys!

So straight onto Facetube we went…


And Twitspace….


Some crazy people even liked the sound of the idea.


We created what some may call an MVP experiment (we call it a flyer with rippable bits of paper) and posted it up at a nursery (don’t worry I won’t be getting arrested, my kids are there) and on a lamppost outside a community centre. This was starting to feel like the Apprentice…


We’ve only had the page live for a few days but we’ve already had a whopping 7 (yes SEVEN) sign-ups. OK not exactly amazing validation but progress all the same. That’s a 20% conversion rate on 35 unique visitors. To give you some context, for another product Personapp we were getting around 40% although admittedly from a much larger sample. Is this a sign that the problem we’re trying to solve isn’t a big enough problem for our target audience? Was it the messaging that was wrong? Or have we just not got enough people?

We’re in the process of setting up some customer development interviews for the next 2 weeks which is when we’ll really start to discover whether this thing has any legs.

This week:

  • Landing page mk 1 released
  • Promoted on Twitter, Facebook
  • Paper MVP/flyer posted at a nursery and community centre
  • 7 sign-ups, 20% conversion rate
  • Customer development interviews scheduled

Next week (it’s gonna start to get messy):

  • Customer development interviews

(I got a busy week next week with client workshops and our first UX Café event so excuse me if progress is a little slow. Either way I’ll keep you posted.)

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