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A Warning to the Lean Startup


I don’t want to rain on the parade and popularity of the lean startup movement and the concept of minimal viable product. I truly believe in its value and anything can creates more startups is a good thing. I just want to raise the warning that that the feedback and iteration loop is tightening. Your product has to work for two reasons. First, there are probably other options consumers have that solves their problem. Again, its never been easier to launch a startup and I see a flood of products and features filling virtually ever gap in markets like a tidal wave. Second, word of mouth can break you just as easily as it can make you. Every customer is precious and counts. You simply can’t assume you will be able to backfill those that leave you dissatisfied with another release.  You will face competition from every angle and geography. If your productive is not truly “competitive” that don’t launch too early and lose the battle before it begins.

I’ll say it again, make your MVP minimum awesome not minimum awful.

If you’re trying to be Lean, think athlete not skeleton.


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