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7 insider tips for Lean Startup Machine this weekend


LSM returns to London this weekend, so here’s some useful tips before you go from someone who attended last year’s event:

  1. Read Brant Cooper’s book The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development & Eric Reis’ The Lean Startup (even though you’ll get copies of these it’s worth having a background to the approach)
  2. Have an idea to pitch (and prepared 60 second presentation – no slides required) and jot down the assumptions you’ve based this product on
  3. Do some research on the mentors and get a feel for what their specialities are, so you can make the most of their experience throughout the weekend
  4. Ideally have some way of recording audio
  5. Wear some good walking shoes! You’ll be doing a lot of ‘getting out of the building’…
  6. “Pitch the problem, not the solution”.
  7. Check out these essential tools that will help you validate/invalidate your assumptions (and take your ideas forward after the event)

The weekend will radically change the way you think about product development and help you whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer, developer or just someone interested in creating products that people need, want and love. (And Forward Technology are great hosts)

And finally, enjoy it! You’ll meet some great people and learn loads.

See full write up of last year’s event.


3 Responses to “7 insider tips for Lean Startup Machine this weekend”

  1. Pascale Scheurer

    Thank you for this post, we’re busy preparing for Lean Startup Machine London this weekend. Really looking forward to it!Will you be popping in to cheer us on? If so, do come and say hi to our ‘Ethical Startups’ team.Cheers, Pascale

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Pascale. Are you one of the teams or helping to organise it? I have a ticket but won’t be able to make the whole weekend so one of my team will be going instead. May pop in on Sunday though.

  3. Pascale Scheurer

    Hi Laurence – we are one of the teams. Hopefully we’ll get chance to connect with you and/or your colleague. We’re pitching a crowdfunding platform* for ethical businesses if that helps you find us** (unless we’ve done a 180 pivot by Sunday ;)Cheers, Pascale* I will probably be proudly wearing my light green Kickstarter t-shirt by Yancey Strickler** I’m a girl


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